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Transpose SQL API

A powerful and flexible API that lets you write your own queries against the entirety of our indexed data. Perform aggregations, join data across tables and minimize the need for local data post-processing.

Top use cases:

Retrieve data for leaderboards

Compute floor prices

Wallet balances at any point in history

Advanced user segmentation

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Transpose SQL Playground

A graphical environment designed for crafting queries and exploring what’s possible with Transpose SQL. This includes the Atlas, a streamlined component for sharing and exploring queries published by the Transpose team and community. Once the query is ready, it can be exported into your production coding environment.

Browse the Atlas

OHLC token prices

Aggregate data across time at any level of granularity to get OHLC token price data in a single query.
A Transpose Atlas Query
byJon Becker

Daily bridge volume from Ethereum to other chains

Easily retrieve all Ethereum bridge data across 32 bridge protocols.
A Transpose Atlas Query
by Patrick Croke

Get unique NFT collections held by an address

Aggregate and clean low-level NFT data to retrieve non-standard, targeted metrics like all collections owned by an address.
A Transpose Atlas Query
by Chris Cates

All-time NFT trade PnL for a wallet

Perform complex math and aggregations across time to return trade profitability data in one query.
A Transpose Atlas Query
by Jon Becker

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