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  • 1M credits
  • 15 req / s
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  • 5M credits
  • 30 req / s
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What our customers are saying

“Using Transpose I was able to grab the data on an NFT project SUPER quickly. Others on Discord were wondering if it was possible to get the data and wishing that the 'gurus' would put out some tools... As I was finishing up grabbing all of it using Transpose.”


Analyst at Metrics DAO

“We started our journey with a simple mission, to better understand the value of NFTs across Web 3. After testing 20 different Node Providers and APIs, we stumbled upon the only solution that just made sense. Transpose. Crypto made easy.”

Otter Alpha

NFT Hedge Fund

“We use Transpose as our primary web3 data provider to greatly simplify our data stack. Their APIs let us focus on our projects rather than the underlying data and get to market faster than the competition.”

Ahmed Hadjeres

Founder Product Shop

Frequent Questions

What are Credits?
Credits are a single unit to track both your REST API and SQL API requests. The number of credits charged by a request is simply a function of the amount of data returned and database compute used.
How much are credits worth?
Each GB of data retrieved uses 5000 credits and each second of compute uses 60 credits.
How much data does a million credits let me pull?
One million credits lets you pull roughly 144 million unique NFT sales from Transpose. Or you can use those same credits to perform more complex computations and aggregations with the SQL API, it’s up to you!

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