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Direct SQL access to comprehensive indexed blockchain data

Transpose SQL API

Run your own low-latency SQL queries within your codebase to leverage all our decoded data for your custom needs. Use the SQL API to fulfill tax and compliance requirements, build responsive user experiences, analyze financial activity, and much more.

Historical NFT Floor Prices

Write queries that leverage comprehensive NFT sales activity, collections data, and NFT metadata to generate custom data views and developer tools. Calculate historical smart floor prices for any collection in 30 milliseconds.

Bulk Lookup and Retrieval

Use the SQL API to retrieve over 100k historical token transfers across thousands of wallet addresses in seconds.

Live Wallet Value

Compute wallet TVL with a single, real-time query that combines all owned NFTs and tokens.

DeFi Activity Tracker

Replicate your favorite DeFi tools like Nansen, DeBank, or Messari by tracking wallet transactions, top DEX/lending activity, and generic USD token prices.

Over 50 endpoints for simplified, multi-chain data

Transpose REST API

Leverage the REST API for real-time, low-latency use cases with zero downtime across the most common Web3 datasets. Retrieve low-level data such as transactions, logs, and traces, asset data from NFT mints to token balances, and protocol activity including NFT sales and DEX swaps.

Get NFT Sales for a Wallet

Retrieve comprehensive NFT sale activity across 20+ NFT exchanges and aggregators for collections, NFTs, buyers, or sellers.

Real-Time Wallet Token Balances

Build responsive interfaces with live NFT and token balances across all core ERC asset standards and block times faster than Etherscan.

ENS Name Resolution

Immediately resolve ENS names by resolved address, NFT owner, and name, including historical ENS transfers, registrations, expirations, and sales.

Log Event Decoding

Bulk stream low-level blockchain primitives such as blocks, transactions, traces, and logs, including the ability to access logs by contract and topics.

Powering Web3 applications, at scale

Additional Integrations

Employ a diverse set of integrations for consuming Transpose data in your production environment, whether that be directly on the client-side with the front-end SDK, in alerting logic with webhooks, or data science models with bulk downloads.

Explore what's possible

Read Replicas

Dedicated read instance db replicas. Power the most demanding use cases and run custom data & analytics workloads.


Access Transpose with real-time, ultra-low-latency queries directly from your frontend to power response UIs.

Bulk Downloads IN PROGRESS

Bulk download large query outputs without dealing with pagination, especially useful for ETL requirements and data science use cases.


Customizable SQL-based event triggers and data payloads let you receive high-signal data as soon as we register it.

Websockets IN PROGRESS

Register SQL queries to stream real-time data, minimizing the need to poll Transpose for new data that matches your criteria.


Run long queries on custom intervals and cache their output for fast response times.

The data you need, in the format you want it

Transpose Indexing

Consistent and comprehensive real-time blockchain indexing with zero effort on your end. Historical and live activity is automatically cleaned, sorted, and indexed into tables that can be interacted with using the Transpose SQL API.

  • Real-time Data

    Our indexing is built for real-time use cases. All activity from new blocks is indexed within seconds of block validation.

  • Structured Data & Indexes

    Working with high-level blockchain data has never been easier. All your on-chain activity is cleaned and filtered with deterministic columns and indexes.

  • Live SQL Environment

    Join your indexed tables across our entire data ecosystem to leverage token prices, account information, decoded NFT and token activity, and much more.

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