Michael Calvey
June 20, 2023

Unveiling Indexed On-Chain Lending Data in Transpose

Transpose now supports NFT and fungible token lending protocols, introducing indexed on-chain lending data. We've added three new datasets, support for nine protocols, and made all this accessible via our SQL API.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of indexed lending data in Transpose. Starting today, Transpose will extend its support to leading NFT (Non-fungible Token) and fungible token lending protocols. This development builds on the easy and consistent approach we've taken towards decentralized exchanges (DEXes), NFT marketplaces, and bridges.

The Launch: Key New Datasets

Our launch has broadened the scope of data access and retrieval, paving the way for three key new datasets. These will simplify the process of retrieving relevant lending data.

  1. Lending Markets: These datasets are replete with general information such as deposit token, borrow token, maximum Loan-To-Value (LTV), and the liquidation threshold for each market. Check the details here.
  2. Lending Market Updates: This feature ensures real-time tracking of all historical changes to market info, allowing users to stay abreast of developments. Learn more about it here.
  3. Lending Events: The addition of this dataset allows for the tracking of lending-related events including deposits, borrows, repayments, withdrawals, and liquidations. Dive into the specifics here.

Protocols Supported

At launch, we are initially supporting nine protocols:

  • Aave
  • Abracadabra
  • Blur
  • Compound
  • Curve
  • Euler
  • MakerDAO
  • Liquidity
  • BendDao

We're looking forward to adding more protocols to this list in the near future.

Data Accessibility and Future Developments

We are committed to making this data as accessible as possible. Hence, all this data is now directly available through our SQL API and in the Playground, freely accessible via the link on our website.

Furthermore, we will be rolling out an update to our REST API soon to add support there as well, ensuring a broad base of support and data accessibility for our users.

Your Voice Matters

At Transpose, we highly value the feedback and recommendations of our users. If you want to see a particular protocol supported, we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, or reach out to us on our discord server.

This exciting launch of indexed on-chain lending data is a step forward in our commitment to provide robust, comprehensive, and simplified data solutions. Stay tuned for more updates and developments.