Zoe Marais
October 4, 2022

The Transpose Beta is officially live! 🎉

This beta release comes packed with an assortment of new features, from major improvements to the core API suite, to a sophisticated user dashboard, and the addition of custom endpoints for your most complex data needs.

Here’s what’s new in the Transpose Core API suite:

Our core API suite grants you the industry’s most comprehensive view of Web3’s building blocks: complete account, block, transaction, token, NFT, and ENS data. Retrieve billions of rows of data at low cost using over 50 different endpoints and over 100 flexible query parameters. Use the API suite to retrieve every NFT purchase by an ENS name, track token transfers into a protocol, record mints for a collection between two dates, aggregate mining rewards or gas fees, and much, much more.

The NFT API: Get a complete view of NFT sales, activity, and balances — spanning all NFT exchanges, collections, and standards.

The Token API: Retrieve any token, balance, mint, transfer, or burn in existence, including full support for ERC-20, ERC-777, and native tokens.

The ENS API: Look up ENS names (both historical and primary), resolve ENS names and records, and monitor ENS transfers and sales.

The Block API: Unparalleled flexibility in bulk access of low-level blockchain data, including accounts, blocks, transactions, and logs.

With the release of the Transpose Beta, we are also piloting our custom solutions.

These offerings deliver the exact views of Web3 data you want and need. Solve all your blockchain data problems at low cost, all in one place, no matter how unique.

Introducing Transpose Functions

Functions are custom endpoints that run live on servers co-located with our database. Pass parameters into custom Python code to manipulate billions of data points and return curated views. Use Functions to build NFT resumes, calculate total wallet value, track an account’s on-chain activity network, and much more.

Introducing Transpose Snapshots

Snapshots are Functions that run historically on fixed intervals and cache historical results for instant retrieval. Bring query time down to milliseconds for even the most complex aggregations and views. Use Snapshots to survey protocol TVL over time, aggregate rolling windows of NFT sales volumes, and more.

Introducing Transpose Indexers

Indexers clean and transfer on-chain data to simple, off-chain storage solutions that can be retrieved historically with an instant, dedicated endpoint. Use Indexers to query your protocol’s on-chain data with full block reorganization handling. Pair Indexers with Snapshots and Functions to analyze financial markets, build responsive user experiences, and much more.

Explore the new functionality of our Core API suite and learn more about the Custom API