Michael Calvey
October 12, 2022

Playground to Production

Integrating blockchain data in production environments is hard. Most tools are great at either creating a flexible sandbox that lets people explore data, or instead focus on integrating this data into dev environments. Until Transpose, none have combined the two.

Transpose makes it incredibly simple to go from our SQL Playground that lets you build, share and discover powerful queries to the production environments where you actually need to ingest this data at scale. This guide will demonstrate how easy it is to compose powerful queries and integrate them into our code.

Building queries in the Playground

The SQL Playground provides the ideal environment for drafting and testing our queries. We can start by either exploring the Tables utility to quickly browse available tables and columns, or instead go to the Atlas to start with premade queries created by our team and community.

Let’s start with a query that retrieves the top 1000 NFT sales in the last 24h by USD value alongside some other stats. Once we get the query running successfully, we should see something like this:

(check the query out yourself with this link: https://playground.transpose.io/atlas/RVtD7Uas1Gpt)

Integrating into production

To integrate this query into our production environment, all we need to do is send the query we composed above to our special SQL endpoint in the body of a POST request. We include a quick way to export the query into all the top languages right in the Playground. To do this, click the button in the top right of the query input box:

This will bring up a handy dialog for exporting directly into your production environment, your API key included!

And that’s it! Adding this code to our python program will let us get access to exactly the same data we found in the playground, right in our production code. Are we missing a language you’d like to see? Let us know in our discord.

Sign up to try this for free yourself by visiting the SQL Playground.