Michael Calvey
August 29, 2022

NFT sales & pricing data now live on the Transpose API!

NFT sales & pricing data is now live on the Transpose API! This release introduces four new endpoints to provide the industry’s most complete view of Ethereum NFT sales.

Release Summary

This update lets you pull complete price information for all NFT sales on Ethereum across all major exchanges. We currently support:

  • OpenSea Wyvern
  • OpenSea SeaPort
  • 0x
  • SuperRare
  • LooksRare
  • Rarible
  • Foundation
  • CryptoPunks

More exchanges on request.

New Endpoints

  • /sales - get all sales
  • /sales_by_contract_address - get sales for a collection
  • /sales_by_token_id - get sales for an NFT
  • /sales_by_account - get sales for a wallet. Can specify buyer or seller

Check out our thread for more details on what's possible: