Michael Calvey
November 9, 2022

Introducing Transpose SQL

We’re excited to officially announce the launch of direct SQL access to our entire ecosystem of indexed blockchain data. Paired with our robust indexing pipeline, SQL access gives unlimited flexibility in how you mix, aggregate, and query activity across the blockchain.

Writing your own complex SQL queries with joins and subqueries can be tricky — that’s why we’re also releasing The Transpose Atlas, a way for you to share and explore SQL queries that optimally achieve your goals. Read on to see how direct access to Transpose SQL can redefine the way you search, build, and analyze in web3.

Skip the BS:

TL;DR, another Dune?


Unlike existing blockchain data offerings, even those that offer SQL access, our API is designed to be directly integrated into your application. It’s built for builders.

This means you can make real-time SQL queries in production, plug SQL queries into webhooks and websockets, and get responses from a service optimized for low-latency, high-speed, and live data access needs. Think RPC+1.

At its core, Transpose is a blockchain indexing company. Inspired by the faults of players like The Graph, we’ve compiled the industry’s most standardized and complete data offering across the NFT and DeFi landscapes. Most importantly, our indexing engine is highly extensible — name the protocol and we’ll reliably index and clean it.


Like most APIs, Transpose has until now only been accessible via REST API. Despite having the most complete set of indexed data on Ethereum, enforcing a rigid REST interface meant end-user flexibility was limited. We were unable to support many of your specialized asks if they didn’t fall within our intended use-cases. Adding new REST endpoints had a lot of overhead.

This is all about to change. Direct SQL access will do two things for those interacting with Transpose data:

  1. It will immediately allow developers to make more focused, specific queries that minimize local post-processing and vastly speed up data retrieval.
  2. Long term, we are setting the stage for our community to create and share complex queries to take full advantage of the composability our data can offer.

We aim to supercharge the web3 development experience with this new level of flexibility.

The Playground

Greater query flexibility often means more complexity for end-users, especially when SQL is in the mix. That’s why we’re creating a unified experience for writing, testing, sharing, and exploring Transpose SQL queries. We’re calling this place The Playground — an environment built from the ground up to optimize the discovery of new views of blockchain data.

The retro theme serves as a nod to computer terminals of times long gone.

We’ll be releasing a more in-depth summary of current and planned features soon, but for now Transpose users can access the closed beta at

The Atlas — Organizing Complexity

Being able to share your favorite queries and use those created by the community unlocks the true potential of direct SQL access to Transpose. The Atlas will allow everyone to contribute to and explore the most powerful queries we enable — smart floor prices for NFTs, historical token balances for a wallet, lookups against NFT metadata traits, upcoming ENS name expirations, and much, much more. The only limit is your creativity.

Users can save their favorite recipes for easy composability, while creators will get recognized for building the most useful queries. Top creators will rise up the leaderboard and can even be rewarded with financial incentives. It only takes a single SQL wizard to write a query that powers thousands of applications.

The Future — What’s Next

But there’s more…

Direct SQL access is the beginning of a new paradigm for how we expose our services. Soon, a simple SQL query will power a number of integrations:

  • Discover: Play and test SQL queries in the Transpose Playground
  • Build: Plug SQL directly into your backend (or frontend!) with one of many Transpose SDKs
  • Alert: Wrap a webhook in a SQL query to get notified when new data is available
  • Stream: Stream live data from a SQL query the moment it hits the blockchain
  • Analyze: Build and download massive datasets with SQL queries to take complete control

Getting Started

Our SQL endpoint is now open for testing by Transpose users. Read the full documentation here or dive right into the playground. We’re excited to get your feedback and iterate on this offering to make sure it addresses all your web3 data needs, from the most common to the most niche. Join the conversation in our discord to get involved as we explore this bold new direction for web3.