Michael Calvey
October 11, 2022

Introducing the Transpose Atlas

Writing your own SQL queries is time consuming and can be complicated. The SQL Playground isn’t complete without a fully-featured query browser and exploration device. That’s why we’re launching the Atlas — an intuitive way to browse and run all the best queries created by the Transpose team and community.

The Atlas lets you search and filter through all published queries, expand them to see the exact SQL code, and quickly copy their contents for testing in the Playground:

The library of Alexandria for blockchain SQL queries

“All it takes is one SQL wizard to solve a common issue with a powerful, well-optimized query for the entire community to use it in their stack and benefit.”

To start with, the Transpose team will populate all our example queries into the Atlas. We encourage everyone to contribute - we’ll be announcing a serious community recognition program soon to give the most impactful SQL explorers the recognition they deserve.

How to use it

It’s really easy to publish a new query to the Atlas. When you’re happy with a query, or simply want to save it for later, hit the “Publish” button on the main SQL playground window. This will bring up the publish dialog to fill out info like title and tags:

Fill this out, hit publish and our new query is now live in the Atlas! Since we published this query, we can edit it by clicking the pen icon in the bottom right of our new query card.

What’s next?

We want the Atlas to become a shared space for the community to contribute their favorite and most useful transformations of the baseline blockchain data we provide, and get recognition for their efforts. We’ll be greatly expanding on this initial functionality in the coming weeks as well as rewarding the creators of the most used queries. More details on this are coming soon but all queries will be eligible for this - so go check the Atlas out and see what’s possible over at